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Newyddion gan Dems Rhydd Cymru

  • Aled Roberts AM talking with pupils
    Erthygl: 2014 Hyd 22

    Following the publication of an report into the Welsh Liberal Democrat flagship Pupil Deprivation Grant, our Shadow Education Minister Aled Roberts writes...

    It is encouraging to see that this Welsh Government-commissioned report has identified a number of positive indicators to show that the PDG is having its intended effect. Particularly, there is evidence to show that a significant amount of new activity has been undertaken to support disadvantaged pupils; there has also been a culture change in schools which has improved the way they tackle disadvantage and monitor impact.

  • Dogfen: 2014 Hyd 22
  • William Powell AM (Stephen Radford)
    Erthygl: 2014 Hyd 21

    The Welsh Liberal Democrats have welcomed the Welsh Government's U-turn on its plan to introduce table valuations for cattle culled under the bTB eradication programme and to embrace instead the Welsh Liberal Democrat position of maintaining the present system.

    In the Senedd this afternoon the Welsh Government has made a statement where they have decided to stick with the current system after completing a consultation earlier this year which reintroduced the option of a table valuation system. While such a system would have reduced Welsh Government costs, it would also undervalue Wales' best cattle and see farm incomes further reduced.

  • Eluned Parrott
    Erthygl: 2014 Hyd 21

    Eluned Parrott AM has called on the Welsh Government to accept that its flawed proposals for the M4 are doomed.

    The Welsh Government's consultation on the M4 has been widely criticised for failing to look at other options and for not properly taking into account environmental concerns.

    This week in the National Assembly, AMs will debate the Environment Committee's report into the M4 the contents of which the Welsh Government failed to take into account before making its decision on the M4.

  • Erthygl: 2014 Hyd 20

    The Welsh Liberal Democrats are giving you the chance to influence what gets discussed in the Welsh Assembly.

    Each party in the Assembly gets opportunities to debate an issue of their choice. We want to hear your ideas for future Welsh Liberal Democrat debates.

    Examples of topics that have previously been debated are:

  • Aled Roberts conference
    Erthygl: 2014 Hyd 20

    The poorest children in Wales are being let down by the Welsh Labour Government, Aled Roberts AM has argued today following the publication of the second 'State of the nation' report into social mobility and child poverty.

    The report was commissioned by the UK Government and produced by a group chaired by former Labour Minister Alan Milburn said that is was "especially concerned " that a smaller proportion of Welsh children who receive free school meals achieve five good GCSEs (26%) compared to children from similar backgrounds in England (38%). 

  • Erthygl: 2014 Hyd 15

    Figures released today showing an increasing gap in unemployment rates between Wales and the UK average are a cause for concern, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have said.

    While the UK economy is continuing to grow and more people are in work than ever before thanks to the work of Liberal Democrats in the UK Government, the growing trend is that Welsh employment is growing slower than the UK average.

  • Kirsty Brecon Hospital
    Erthygl: 2014 Hyd 14

    Shocking figures published by the Welsh Liberal Democrats reveal that nearly 1,400 patients in Wales are being forced to wait over a year until the start of their treatment.

    These unacceptable figures are despite the Welsh Labour Government's own target that not a single patient should wait longer than 36 weeks until the start of their treatment.

  • Kirsty conference stage
    Erthygl: 2014 Hyd 8

    Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has called for the Welsh Labour Government to do more to support people in Wales suffering from mental health.

    In his Conference speech, Nick Clegg is expected to announce that people with depression should begin "talking therapy" treatments within 18 weeks, from April. Young people with psychosis for the first time will be seen within 14 days - the same target as cancer patients.

  • PDG graphic 2014
    Erthygl: 2014 Medi 30

    The Welsh Liberal Democrats have announced today that they have secured a £223m two year budget deal that prioritises the futures of our children and young people, and helps to ensure opportunity for all from cradle to college.

    Central to the agreement is expanding the flagship Pupil Deprivation Grant. All schools in Wales will receive £1,150 per child on free school meals by 2016 to spend on improving the literacy and numeracy skills of our poorest pupils. For the first time, this Grant will be extened to under 5s to make sure our children get the best possible start in life.

  • Erthygl: 2014 Medi 30

    Mae Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru yn cyflawni dros ddisgyblion tlotaf Cymru.

    Hyd yn oed nad ydym ni'n rhan o Lywodraeth Cymru, rydym ni wedi sicrhau Grant Amddifadedd Disgyblion i gefnogi disgyblion o gefndiroedd amddifadus gyda'u sgiliau darllen a rhifedd.

    Ers i ni ennill yr arian hwn gyntaf, mae athrawon wedi dweud wrthym gymaint y mae e'n gwneud gwahaniaeth i'r plant sydd fwyaf angen cefnogaeth. Lefelau darllen uwch, llai o blant yn colli ysgol, bwlch cyrhaeddiad llai - a hyn oll oherwydd Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru.

  • Aled Roberts AM talking with pupils
    Erthygl: 2014 Medi 25

    This morning, the Welsh Government announced that their controversial school banding system will be replaced with a new scheme based on individual pupil data.

    The scheme announced today is very similar to the Welsh Liberal Democrats' own policy on individual pupil monitoring, passed at our conference in Spring 2013 (full details here).

  • Kirsty at conference rally Glasgow 2013
    Erthygl: 2014 Medi 24

    An all-party and non-party Commission must be created to ensure Wales has an NHS that is clinically and financially sustainable, the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats has said.

    Kirsty Williams AM made the call in a debate in the Welsh Assembly today in response to calls for a 'Keogh-style' inquiry, saying that an inquiry alone was not enough to deal with the deep-rooted problems and challenges facing the Welsh NHS.

  • Kirsty conference stage
    Erthygl: 2014 Medi 24

    The Welsh Liberal Democrats have said that the Welsh ambulance services are "in crisis" as figures published today show yet another decline in ambulance response times, despite pledges by the Welsh Labour Health Minister to improve the service in three months.

    Figures released today show that 56.9% of emergency responses to 'Category A' immediately life-threatening ambulance calls arrived at the scene within 8 minutes. Labour's target is 65%, which is the lowest of its kind in the UK, and has been missed again.

  • Kirsty Williams portrait
    Erthygl: 2014 Medi 23

    K irsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has said that the Scottish referendum must be used as a springboard for votes at 16 to be extended to all elections.

    Last week, more than 100,000 16 and 17-year-olds had registered to vote in the Scottish referendum, which was the first time that they had the right to vote in a major ballot in the UK. Building on this momentum, in their debate this week the Welsh Liberal Democrats are calling for cross party support for Lord Roger Roberts' proposals to increase the participation of young people in politics.

  • Kirsty at conference rally Glasgow 2013
    Erthygl: 2014 Medi 19

    Welcoming the decision of the people of Scotland to reject separation from the United Kingdom, the Welsh Liberal Democrats are calling for the parties of Wales to unite in a call for the devolution of powers to a fully functioning Welsh Parliament.

    Following the result, Kirsty Williams has challenged the other Welsh parties to fully sign up to the recommendations of the second Silk commission, as the Liberal Democrats have already done.

  • William Powell AM (Stephen Radford)
    Erthygl: 2014 Medi 17

    Ahead of the Scottish independence referendum tomorrow, Welsh Liberal Democrat AM William Powell writes about the future for Wales...

    We're facing huge constitutional change in the United Kingdom. Whether Scotland votes Yes or No, reform is coming and we must ensure that Wales is not left behind.

    I hope that Scotland agrees to remain a part of the UK. We are definitely better together but we also need to promote a new union, rather than stubbornly defend the old. This is why we are calling for the implementation of the Silk Commission's proposals and establishing a UK-wide Constitutional Convention to draft a plan for a new Union.

  • Kirsty at conference rally Glasgow 2013
    Erthygl: 2014 Medi 16

    The Welsh Liberal Democrats have today dismissed criticism that the vow taken by the three UK party leaders to protect the Barnett formula in Scotland means the formula can't be reformed for Wales.

    Kirsty Williams hit out at claims by Plaid Cymru that the Barnett formula, which is used to distribute money to the UK's devolved governments, would not be reformed. She said that the commitment made to Scotland does not rule out reforming the funding settlement for the Welsh Government. Liberal Democrats have already made a manifesto commitment to top-up the Welsh block grant to a fairer funding level. It is thought that Wales is currently underfunded by around £350million.

  • Eluned Parrott
    Erthygl: 2014 Medi 16

    The Welsh Liberal Democrats have criticised the Welsh Labour Government's flagship Jobs Growth Wales (JGW) scheme after the Government's own interim report identified a number of weaknesses with the scheme.

    The report, released today, found that 73% of those on JGW placements would have found work without the Government scheme. It also notes significant failings to target those young people most in need of help to find work, particularly in Communities First areas. Participants on the scheme are also shown to be trapped in low wages, earning only 67% of the average for their age group whilst on the scheme, and only 76% of the average for their age group after they finish.

  • Aled Roberts portrait
    Erthygl: 2014 Medi 12

    Commenting on reports that Caerleon Campus is set to close, Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Education Minister, said:

    "We are seeing yet another broken promise from the Welsh Labour Government. The merger only took place last year and we were explicitly told that campuses wouldn't close.

    "This is a major blow not only for students, but for staff too who have every right to feel angry and betrayed. Labour needs to explain why it has gone back on its word.